Job Conflicts, Stress, Opportunity

More people get fired over the inability to get along with others than due to incompetance!

The Hidden Cost of Anger

Anger can feel empowering, but what is the cost to you & your business?

Midlife & Other Existential Crises

To fall into crisis is have have your answer suddenly appear to be questionable.

Executive Coaching from History ’s Shrewdest Thinkers

Can you imagine getting executive coaching from history's shrewdest minds? It is possible!

Feeling Stuck?

Does every day feel like Groundhog Day, i.e. a rerun of the previous day?
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Executive Coaching from History’s Shrewdest Thinkers!

Dr. Mark Dillof learned the secrets of success by studying the writings of history’s great strategists. He will, in essence, channel these remarkable men and women. Their wisdom will increase the odds that your ventures will succeed.

Imagine having von Clausawitz — the Prussian military strategist — by your side when you contemplate a business strategy! Relationship difficulties? Kierkegaard’s advice is way beyond Dr. Phil’s. Need publicity for a new product? Cleopatra will reveal to you her secrets. Not getting respect from peers? Machiavelli has suggestions. Frustrated by an incompetent staff? Lincoln’s been there. Feeling the sting of of ingratitude? Marcus Aurelius will offer solace.

Having absorbed the wisdom of the ages, Dr. Dillof will offer penetrating insights, clever stratagems & ancient wisdom, custom-tailored to your situation! Call today to learnt how his executive coaching can help you.

(doctor, lawyer, etc.)
Corporate Executive
(or ambitious employee)
Creative Worker
(such as filmmaker, actor, artist, inventor,
writer, designer, composer)
Business Owner
or Entrepreneur