Frequently Asked Questions...

Question: What distinguishes you from other executive coaches?

Answer: I help business professionals discover solutions to problems, by broadening their perspective beyond the business world, so that they can gain insights from the fields of philosophy, psychology, literature, and history.

Question: What is your learning in these other disciplines?

Answer: I have graduate degree in philosophy and psychology, have taught both subjects in colleges and universities and have written about them. I’ve also read a good deal of history and literature. It’s their application to business and to life, in general, that especially intrigues me.

Question: I see that you have a new website. How does this differ from your other site,

Answer: The deeper questions site is for life coaching and philosophical counseling. The focus of this one is executive coaching, career counseling, management consulting, investment psychology — everything having to do with work and money.

Question: Are the two websites related?

Answer: Indeed they are. One’s business, career, and financial problems are inseparable from all of the other problems of life. For example, a relationship conflict or an eating disorder or a spiritual crisis can certainly affect your business affairs. So, everything is related. It’s really just a question of focus.The focus of this site is the intriguing connection between life’s deeper questions and the business world.

Question: So, if I understand correctly, your main specialty as an executive coach is the relation between one’s personal life and one’s business life. Did I get that right?

Answer: Yes, you did. Most executive coaches are hired by companies to help develop the business skills of their executives. I sometimes will do that, but I go a lot further.

Question: What more do you do?

Answer: My approach is thoroughly holistic. I try to help executives develop in all aspect of their lives.

Question: Does you holistic approach have an effect on the bottom line?

Answer: Yes it does, in a hundred and one different ways. But, I don’t claim to have any quantitative metric to prove my assertion. I am just basing it on what I have seen over the years. Also, I’m hoping, this year, to make greater use of video conferencing, though a service like Skype.

Question: I understand that you also do management consulting over the phone. Is that unusual.

Answer: I suppose it is unusual, but it’s being done.

Question: Is executive coaching effective over the phone?

Answer: Yes, depending on what is required. A coach can, for example, often help an executive  reflect on the factors involved with an important decision. A coach can also help  executives learn new strategies for dealing with their staff. And he can help executives better manage their emotions. Sometimes, though, it’s necessary to visit the company, if one is to be a change agent.

Question: Can you recommend a good business book ?

Answer: Yes, anything my Peter Drucker. My favorite of his is “Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.”

Question: What else do you recommend that I read?

Answer: My new book, Mysteries in Broad Daylight: A Journey into the Deeper Meaning of Everyday Life.”


Infrequently Asked Questions...