Thought-provoking Seminars, for People Who Find Motivational Speakers Shallow!

Dr. Mark Dillof offers a wide variety of popular seminars, on topics ranging from dream interpretation to the psychology of stock market investing. He has presented them to corporations, non-profits, and universities. He can also design seminars to address the particular needs of your organization. Dr. Dillof’s seminars are both insightful and enjoyable (he performs magic and comedy), making for a memorable audience experience. Dr. Dillof is truly a philosophical entertainer.

Literature for Leadership

A Three-hour seminar for business professionals

Great literature offers stunning insights into typical business problems. Here lies a wealth of wisdom that can be found neither in management books, nor in M.B.A. programs. We’ll discuss a work of literature that offers invaluable lessons in leadership as well as in the business of life.

  1. Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller, addresses the crucial question “Am I in the right business?” We shall also discuss Dilbert, and how to plan an escape from life’s cubicle.
  2. Notes from Underground, by Fyodor Dostoevsky, is a novelette that offers brilliant insights into human beings, revealing why managing people is most problematic! We’ll also discuss Richard Farson’s Management of the Absurd.
  3. Antigone, by Sophocles. This ancient play illustrates the dangers of managerial inflexibility. We’ll also discuss Memoirs of a Rookie Consultant, an essay by Mark Dillof, and how Senator John McCain’s tragic flaw — which is the same as Antigone’s — lost him the election.
  4. Glengarry Glenn Ross, by David Mamet, reveals the real secrets of making sales! We’ll also discuss The 24 Laws of Power by Robert Green.

Dr. Dillof’s Deepest Mystery Series

1. The Mystery of Laughter: Comedy is no laughing matter! Why you are proof that the universe has a sense of humor.

2. The Riddle of Desire: Why is it that when we get what we think that we want, there’s still something missing?

3. Erotic Mysteries: Why do men and women fight? Plato’s, Jung’s and DeBeauvoir’s ideas are light years beyond those of Dr. Phil.

4. The Enigma of Evil: What’s freedom got to do with the dark side? Insights of Dostoevsky. The deeper significance of the seven deadly sins.

5. Mysteries in Broad Daylight: Amazing insights into food cravings, job conflicts, dreams, cigarette-smoking, and even golf! Uncover the hidden worldview that shapes your experience.

6. The Final Mystery: The mystery of death, and the secrets of rebirth. Life’s perilous journey from time to eternity. Nietzsche’s amor fati.

Dr. Dillof offers half-day, full-day, or multiple-day seminars. He will travel to most cities. For information, call: Toll-free at: 1-888-737-5724              1-888-737-5724       or local at: (607) 723-2664              (607) 723-2664      .