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The Next Step: a Free Career Assessment

This exploratory session can help determine the direction of future coaching.

The Type of Things We’ll Discuss

In this initial consultation — which lasts about a half-hour — I’ll answer your questions and address your concerns. Our session will also bring me up to speed about your life situation. I’ll ask you about your career, your goals and the obstacles in your way.

Based on our conversation, I’ll get a sense of where you are in your career and in your journey through life. I’ll then offer you what I envision to be the desired results of our sessions together and delineate a plan of action.

And you’ll get a sense of whether or not I truly understand your life challenges and can be of assistance to you. You’ll also get a feel for what it would be like for us to work together. Hopefully, this initial meeting — whether in person or on the phone — will help you decide whether you’d like to engage my services.

How My Executive Coaching Differs

Like other coaches, I seek practical solutions, but I ask many more questions and delve deeper than most others do. Some of my questions are psychological and philosophical. Other questions might be about your diet or exercise program. Even your interests and hobbies can be relevant. If you are going through a life transition — and people who seek coaching often are — I’d like to know more about it.

Such questions are necessary because my approach is thoroughly holistic. After all, everything about us impacts our career. For better or worse, each morning we bring our entire life with us to the office.

What I’m essentially offering, through my executive coaching, is life-transforming insights. To make sure that they are efficacious, that they really have their desired effect, I will give you various assignments and practices. They will help you to put your expanded self-awareness into action.

Unlike other coaches, I am therefore not a purist, for I mix executive coaching with life coaching and philosophical counseling. I have found that type of synergy to be very effective.

If all this sounds a bit heavy, it really isn’t. I’ve given quite a few seminars on the subject of the comic vision of life, humor and health and laugh therapy. So don’t be surprised if you find your laughter quotient increasing and your spirit feeling lighter, as each session brings you new insights.

“OK Doc, what’s all your priceless wisdom going to run me?!”

No, you won’t need to take out a second mortgage on your house. My current rates are fairly reasonable, especially considering the importance of your career and your life. You can find out about them here.

Schedule a Session Now

My office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. (EST). I also hold sessions on Saturday mornings. To schedule an appointment call me at: (502) 458-7171. You can also e-mail me at: Life is short; before you know it will all be over, so drop what you are doing and call immediately, assuming it’s not past 9:00 PM (EST).